About Us


Meals on Wheels of Greater Hyde Park Inc. was started in the mid 1970’s and became a not for profit, 501 (c) (3), charitable organization in 1978. The Charter Members wanted to ensure that senior citizens living in the Hyde Park area had access to nutritious and reasonably priced hot meals, five days per week. Our mission remains unchanged.


Meals on Wheels of Greater Hyde Park Inc. continues to be a not for profit, charitable organization, which is funded through the nominal meal payments of its clients, and through contributions from the surrounding communities including businesses, banks, churches , civic and social organizations as well as individual donors. The Board of Directors oversees several fund-raising events throughout the year which help keep our clients’ meal payments as low as possible.

Board of Directors

Jack Fenton

Brian Berg, 1st Vice President
Cheryl Norton, 2nd Vice President
June Van Zandt, Treasurer
Anne Church, Recording Secretary
Walter Czachorowski, Corresponding Secretary
Patty Irwin, Client Committee
Gail Moore, Personnel Committee
Donald Bernard
Jane Ertman
Carol Gershowitz
Gessie Laguerre
Patricia Robertson
Diane Soyka

Coverage Area

Meals can be delivered for residents within the Hyde Park Central School District AND the Village of Rhinebeck!

Meal Delivery Coverage Map

Meal Delivery Coverage Map

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